Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Do you have shipping service?

In general, shipments are arranged by our firm. However, the region to be transported has the first importance in this regard.

Do you perform maintenance?

We are able to service many workpieces including shaft, roller, mold, extruder heads, plastic injection molds, rods, construction machine pistons, machine shafts, hydraulic components, special jaw molds.

Do you perform on-site maintenance?

We can provide on-site service for some workpieces (mold, jaw mold, etc.), but this depends on the nature and condition of the workpiece.

Do you come to our company and check our workpiece?

Yes. In most cases, we provide on-site service to assess whether the workpiece can be maintained. However, in some cases we can make this decision after seeing the picture of the workpiece via WhatsApp or by mail according to the workload of our business. If you have such a request, you can contact us at the phone numbers above.

Do you plate work pieces such as vehicle rim or motorcycle parts?

No. We cannot apply hard chrome plating and polishing to parts such as steering wheel, front grille, engine cover, and rim on products such as vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. The cost of hard chrome plating is expensive for these processes, and for such requests, please do research with the keyword "decorative chrome plating".

Can I have same-day delivery?

Our main goal is to deliver the highest quality work in the fastest way without disrupting the customer terminal. Therefore, we will do our best if the deadline of our customers waiting before you and the process to be done on your piece is really going to catch up on the same day, we will take on responsibility. However, we want you to know that due to certain procedures in coating processes, we cannot deliver them on the same day most of the time.

How late are you open?

Our company closes after 6.30 p.m., including Saturday at the weekend. However, if the material is shipped to us by warehouse, if it is coming from a distance, if it is in a very, very urgent and critical condition, we are arranging schedules to get it delivered after you contact us by phone.

Do you work on the holiday or feasts?


Can we get a quote by e-mail?

Yes, our e-mails are constantly checked. In some cases, there may be delays due to the workload, or it may go to spam box even though we respond to the email. Therefore, please be sure to check the spam box of your mailbox.

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