Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Uzkar Makina Human Resources Policy declares that due to our customer oriented approach, it is our priority in placing the right people in the right positions, choosing high potentials within the company, creating a more energetic working environment in line with the company policy, making the necessary positions and career planning by evaluating the performance files of our employees according to the portfolio management. We will support our employees by applying creative, reliable, contemporary human resources policies that are open to new ideas, with our vision and mission that gives confidence by approaching issues without ever giving up our ethical point of view with quality time and information sharing.

Human Resources Mission

Working to be among the leading organizations in the grinding, hard chrome plating and manufacturing sector, Uzkar Makina creates all kinds of opportunities for its employees to complete their individual and professional development. The mission of human resources ensures that Uzkar Makina is among the most preferred companies for highly qualified employees in the field of grinding, coating, and manufacturing.

Human Resources Vision

It is to ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction, which is the biggest factor in the continuous success of our company, by creating a work environment that gives energy and pride to our employees; developing the knowledge, skills and competences of highly qualified employees of our company, which is customer-oriented, responsible to the society and attaches importance to ethical values and always aims to earn their regard; and to become the most preferred company in the sector and to maintain this position by revealing their potential and continuously showing superior performance.

  • Efficient use of manpower in line with our goals
  • Meet all the needs of our employees and ensure their development
  • Adopting the principle of humane behavior in all our activities with the awareness that the greatest competitive advantage is "manpower"
  • Adopting the principle of equality with the practices of "right people for right job" and "equal pay for equal work"
  • Providing training and development for employees in order to prevent aging and to reach the most appropriate skill level
  • Preparing appropriate educational environments to educate “knowledgeable human" who can best fulfill the requirements of the age,
  • Realizing the human-oriented functions such as human relations, employee satisfaction, career plans, performance evaluation, recruitment, and orientation programs
  • Ensuring that all our employees are united around common goals

Job Application

If you believe that you will add value to our company with regard to the information above, you can communicate your previous experiences, business history and detailed information about yourself to us via our e-mail address on our Contact page. You will be positively or negatively informed by the HR department for each application.