Machine Park

About Our Machines

As Uzkar Makina family, the maintenance of all machines in our business is done by ourselves. In addition, every new machine that is put into operation is revised and replaced to its most extreme bolt. Especially hydraulic pistons, gearing, rasps of slides, centers in grinding machines, stone shaft settings, paintings, electrical panel, and all parts of the machine are completely dismantled and maintained.

We are well aware that our craftsmen’s waste of time is a waste of our work. For this reason, we are constantly trying to keep our machines up to date by following the technology. At the same time, we constantly strive to match our personnel with our machines and work in high quality and precise tolerances. The quality of our machines also eases our workload as well as providing quality and on-time delivery of work. We have been doing the maintenance and revision operations of all our machines with care and pleasure since 2015 when we established the company with this awareness.

In our hard chrome plating facility, our bathrooms are serviced and maintained every 6 months and the chemistry of the bathroom is reviewed every month.

Maintenance Photo