Our Services

Quality Maintenance Manufacturing

From the year we were founded as Uzkar Makina, we managed to satisfy our customers by continuously increasing our quality policy. First, we started to provide market service with cylindrical grinding. After that, we started to manufacture work pieces such as sheet slitting blades, roll form rollers by adding turntable surface grinding and hole grinding machines to machine park. Starting with the service network in the regions of Darıca-Gebze (Hasköy Ind Est, Darıca Ind Est, and Timbers Ind Est)- Tuzla-Pendik - Kartal - Dilovası - Imes - Dudullu - Umraniye - Bayrampasa - Ikitelli-Kocaeli and Istanbul, we added Trabzon, Zonguldak, Karabük, Bursa, Gaziantep, Rize, Malatya, Siirt, Samsun, and Ankara to our service network only in 4 year and continue to grow every day. Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine have also added to our market share, which has expanded slightly with the establishment of hard chrome plating.

We have progressed and still continue to serve in special manufacturing chrome shaft, honed pipe, hydraulic cylinder and piston manufacturing with spindle roller mold maintenance and re-revisions operations. After chrome plating, we continue our services with lathe, looser (mirror surface polishing device), roller manufacturing (manufacturing-grinding-polishing-chrome-plating-re-grinding, and polishing). Induction Machine and 3000mm Length Bridge Type CNC machining centers, which are currently invested, will soon be in our facility. In addition to these services, we started to carry out maintenance operations on mirror molds such as head molds, jaw molds, injection molds, and mirror surface polishing operations. You can look at the details of our chrome plating service from above in relation to cheap Chrome Plating prices. Liquid chrome plating, towel plating, rim plating, decorative chrome plating works are not performed in our company.

Shaft & Roller & Pipe Maintenance Service & Manufacturing

Whether maintenance can be performed on the shaft or rollers depends first on the deformation on the existing workpiece. If there are too many scratches, deep scratches or damaged workpieces, maintenance may not be possible. Generally, the turning points and centers are revised and the process is started. By checking the runout between the two centers, it is ensured to what extent the shaft is warped or not warped. Subsequently, the depths and impacts of scratches on the shaft or roller are determined based on our experience and measuring instruments. Revision and maintenance of work pieces remaining within 0.5 mm depth and 0.1 mm runout is started. In some cases, if there are serious skewing, it is pressed to straighten. Likewise, if the pulses can be filled with welding, the pulses are tried to be closed in this way.

Following the elimination of all faults, the workpiece is scratched on our grinding machine and, if there is an impact, the cylindrical grinding is performed until the welds go away (If it is a chrome material, it is also ground until the chrome is completely removed). In case of difference from more than 0.5 mm, the price change is communicated to the customer or can be revised. The maintenance process of cylindrical work pieces such as spindle, roller, and pipe is completed by polishing and hard chrome plating service until they reach the top of the original size.

Mold Polishing & Chroming Maintenance Service & Manufacturing

Mold polishing and chroming are processed on a platform that is very different from the shaft - roller maintenance process. All operations are the result of serious hand work. First of all, we make the determination of the working places of the mold sent to us or the molds we examine. Then we check the condition of scratches, deformations and impacts on it. If there is a chrome coating on the mold, we take the amount of chrome thickness. After all these procedures, it is decided whether the maintenance process can be started or not. If the mold is suitable for maintenance, chrome is removed in our chrome removal bath. If there is a place to be welded, the welding is done and mirror surface polishing is done completely by hand. Subsequently, the mold is coated to the desired micron level by processing into the chrome plating. Then the polishing is done again and the maintenance process is completed.