Hard Chrome Plating

If you want to maintain damaged work pieces (die - shaft - roller) we can make manufacturing from scratch. We can reduce your costs by performing maintenance on all cylindrical workpieces up to 4000mm length, 1000mm diameter and 9 tons molds, 600 diameter and 4000mm length. After polishing and re-coating of the molds after the mold removal process, cylindrical parts such as spindle and roller, chrome removal, press correction and lathe removal operations after grinding and chrome plating and grinding again, we will deliver your piece in a better condition with its new appearance.

In internal chrome applications, we perform maintenance of all hole areas up to 300mm in diameter and 2000mm in length. We apply both zero fabrication and maintenance operations in many fields such as press rollers, hydraulic liners and concrete conveying rollers. We do not outsource any of these operations, instead we complete the process all within our company. There are 2 chrome plating plants in our company and our vertical plating bath has 10000 Amps and horizontal plating bath has 6000 Amps power. For certain lengths and diameters, we can achieve a coating thickness of 500 - 600 Micron (1mm - 1.2mm in diameter) at the point.

Total Number of Bath 2
Max Plating Length 4000mm
Max Plating Diameter 1000mm
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Chrome Plating Price Shaft, Rolls deci calculation in parts, labor in molds
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We can revise your damaged workpieces and reduce your costs

Chrome Plated Bathroom Dimensions

Sequence Type Width Length Depth Rectifier Power
1 Vertical Chrome Plating Bath (Spindle, Roller, Rod etc.) 1000mm 1000mm 4000mm 10000 Amper Rectifier
2 Horizontal Chrome Plating Bath (Mold) 1000mm 4000mm 1500mm 6000 Amper Rectifier

Chrome Dismantling Bath Dimensions

Sequence Type Width Length Depth Rectifier Power
1 Vertical Mold Dismantling Bath (Mold Vs.) 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000 Amper Rectifier
2 Horizontal Chrome Dismantling Bath (Spindle & Roller Vs.) 400mm 4000mm 400mm 1000 Amper Rectifier

Why Hard Chrome Plating

Coating process is carried out to many work pieces such as zero shafts, rollers, jaw molds, extruder heads, mixer nozzles, shrink molds, star molds, hydraulic pistons, and inside the piston jacket. Chromium, due to its structure, reduces the friction coefficient to a great extent and attracts surface hardness to the average range of 60 – 65 Rockwell in the material it is coated. Therefore, it significantly relieves the seal operation in hydraulic systems and extends the seal life in connection with this process.

As the coating process prevents corrosion, it significantly extends the life of the shaft. Many spindles are likely to be damaged by use. Instead of throwing the material with chromium clearing, impacting, warping etc. on the circular workpiece, you can try to revise the material again, and this will make you feel comfortable in terms of costs. In these cases, our operations are as follows; if the spindle, the roller is distorted, we first try to press and catch the linearity, then the chromium is removed by grinding machine or chrome removal bath. After these processes, it is restored by chrome plating and delivered to you in a much better condition than the original. The place of the coating in the mold chrome plating is generally to prevent corrosion of the material. In addition to this, the other and most important feature is the maximum removal of the adhesion of the material to the mold following the injection. Mold maintenance starts with mirror polishing after chrome removal of the mold. If there is a damaged area, it can be corrected with welding and polished again. It is then coated and polished. Hard chrome plating price is determined according to the difficulty of the mold.

Some Sectors;

Hydraulic cylinder piston manufacturing and revision
Manufacture and modification of rod shafts
Chrome shaft manufacturing
Chrome processing and polishing of extruder heads
Chroming and polishing of chin molds
In-hole chrome plating, manufacturing and maintenance
Hydraulic piston liners, maintenance and manufacture
Super finish polishing rollers manufacture and maintenance

Difference of Chrome

Our hard chrome plating process provides high performance, exceptional grip and uniform coating effect on many different metals. Multi-purpose high-performance chromium solutions offer stable and reliable performance at the most cost-effective possible. Our hard chrome plating process provides excellent brightness, much smoother metal distribution and considerable slipperiness compared to chrome processes. This process can make the coating to be applied on critical surfaces such as stainless steel, cast iron, high carbon steel, non-current nickel and chromium over chromium simpler and more effective. Our catalyst chrome process also prevents the coating from shedding or shedding due to current outages, which are mostly experienced in automated plants but which we can also encounter in manual plants.

We use the same coating processes used in shock absorber, engine valve, piston ring and fuel injection device coatings with the leading OEMs worldwide. This process exhibits unmatched hardness and wear resistance, even at low current densities and high temperatures, as is often the case with large geometry components. Chromium minimizes the post-coating grinding process (cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, and hollow grinding) since it provides smooth surface and smooth coating distribution even after high coating thicknesses. In this way, it is easier to obtain effective adhesion in chromium over chromium processes. Our hard chromium process uses almost no abrasion to the metal surface to be coated thanks to the special catalyst we use. The increased efficiency and speed of our process results in lower energy costs and increased capacity.

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