Cylindrical Grinding

We perform cylindrical grinding operations up to 4200mm length and 600mm diameter with our high precision machines and our 20-year experienced staff. Our company has 4 cylindrical grinding machines which can connect different diameters and lengths. All work pieces that are cylindrical are grinded between 2 centers at precise tolerances. At the same time, we can maintain and manufacture these parts with the help of hard chrome plating and turning.

The main purpose of the cylindrical grinding process is improving the surface quality of the workpiece, which is circular, and to bring it to precise tolerances and also to capture linearity. Surface Ra values are often insufficient for workpieces processed on lathes or CNC lathes. This process can vary according to the quality of the turning machine, the diamond tip used, the type of material, and the operator. At the same time, it is very difficult to get into the dimensions of the permillage bearing on the lathe. Furthermore, the other purpose of the cylinder grinding process is to restore workpieces such as spindles and rollers that have been in use for a long time, are impacted, bent, rusted, and deviate from their linearity. Of course, parts such as spindles, rollers, hydraulic pistons and rods losing the original dimensions must be restored to their original size by hard chrome plating process.

Total Number of Machines 4
Max Grinding Length 4000mm
Max Grinding Diameter 600mm
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Cylindrical Grinding Price Shaft, Rolls deci calculation in parts
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Grinding Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Grinding Length Grinding Diameter
1 Mso Cylindrical Grinding Machine 4000mm Ø480mm
2 Stanko Cylindrical Grinding Machine 4000mm Ø600mm
3 Wmw Cylindrical Grinding Machine 1500mm Ø320mm
4 Schaudt Cylindrical Grinding Machine 1000mm Ø280mm

What is Cylinder Grinding?

Grinding can be done not only on cylinder parts but also on roller, hollow steel and other similar industrial parts. These pieces often have cylindrical geometry. It is used to make the surface of the workpiece more usable. The workpiece is fixed between 2 centers on the machine and grinding is done. During this process, the stone on the machine rotates. At the same time, the cylinder part to be grinded also rotates between its axis (centers). If the cut to be cleared over the piece is too high, this process will be extended and it can be connected to the lathe at the first stage and extra cut can be cleared in a non-sensitive process. This makes the process to be made of cylinder grinding better quality and also allows to save time and money. In contrast to cylinder grinding, surface grinding is a process done on a flat surface. The logic is again the same as cylinder grinding. We recommend you to see the work done by many companies under the name of Cylinder Grinding Companies on site.

Some Area

Hydraulic cylinder piston manufacturing and revision
Manufacture and modification of rod shafts
Chrome shaft manufacturing
Chrome processing and polishing of extruder heads
Chroming and polishing of chin molds
In-hole chrome plating, manufacturing and maintenance
Hydraulic piston liners, maintenance and manufacture
Super finish polishing rollers manufacture and maintenance

Machining or Chipless Machining?

To date, many researches have not yet been able to provide clear answers to questions of machining or chipless machining. Some companies perform cylinder grinding with machining, while others do it with chipless machining. The basis advocated by companies that accept cylinder grinding or surface grinding as chipless machining is explained as follows.

1) Very little chip removal compared to machining
2) Improving the surface quality of cylinder grinding

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