Deep Hole Drilling

Our deep hole drilling capacity is 4000mm in one go. However, in some cases, we can drill up to 5000 - 5500mm length by extending the process type and time.

Our drilling diameters; 29.80 - 39.80 - 49.80 - 59.80 - 64.80 - 69.8 - 74.80 - 79.80 - 84.80 - 89.80 - 94.80 - 99.80 - 104.80 - 109.80

Total Number of Machines 1
Max Drilling Length 4000mm
Max Binding Diameter 750mm
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Drilling Price Depends on Raw Diameter and Drilled Length
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Our Drilling Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Drilling Length Binding Diameter
1 Pasquino Deep Hole Drilling Machine 4000mm Ø750mm

Deep Hole Drilling Process

As Uzkar Makina, we provide service with approximately 15 drilling heads in different diameters. Our biggest hole drilling diameter is 110mm for now. We make larger desired hole diameters with hole enlargement bars that we design and manufacture. In addition, our machine connects cylindrical workpieces up to 750 mm in diameter and 5000 mm in length. It is generally used actively in emptying the holes of special production steels, in the manufacture of pipe materials with no wall thickness, and in hydraulic systems. Before drilling the hole, the bed places are opened in the lathe machine. Between drilling start and drilling output max. Since there can be up to 1mm of misalignment, min. If you prefer materials with a 5mm pass, after the workpiece is drilled, It is important to achieve accuracy in the turning phase.

Deep hole drilling can be defined as the process of unloading the workpieces longer than 500mm from the middle of the workpieces according to the desired diameter. Workpieces shorter than 500mm generally lathe, borwerk style machines can be done easily. This situation is directly proportional to the capacities of the machines. Both cylindrical and die style with fast deep hole drilling machines Drilling can also be done on workpieces. Our machine drills holes in cylindrical parts. Cutting oil and cutting edge are needed for the machine to work.

Some Area

Hydraulic Systems
Materials to Reduce Weight
4140 Special Pipe Required Places

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