We seek to maintain all your hydraulic liner and internal operations and reduce your costs. All honing processes up to 300mm diameter and 2000mm length are performed by our experienced craftsmen. The main area where honing is used is for hydraulic liners and holes with precise tolerance. The surface quality Ra values are very good, as well as very good measurements. Spiral traces can be left in the hole if desired. These spiral traces make lubrication easier and work better thanks to the oil retention feature.

Total Number of Machines 1
Max Honing Height 2000mm
Max Honing Diameter 300mm
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Honing Price Deci Calculation
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Honing Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Honing Height Honing Diameter
1 Özhonsan Honing Machine 2000mm Ø300mm

What Is Honing? When Is It Needed?

Large sizes that do not fit in hole grinding are usually performed by honing again. It consists of 4 or 6 gas stones attached to the honing head on honing. These number of pieces vary according to the diameter of the head. Gas stones are fixed to the hydraulic or manual honing head with adhesive chemical. The part to be connected to honing must be turned, honed or stoned before. During the honing process, if the inner surface is uncirculated, it breaks the gas stones. During honing, the system needs honing oil (cutting oil). The cylinder to be processed is fixed to the system again by means of hydraulic feet and is brought to the center of the honing head. Then up or horizontal honing is done right-to-left height adjustment. The honing head enters the workpiece and opens the feet and begins to touch the surface of the piece. Friction forces occur during the contact phase and the pieces of the stone with the touch a serious gas ensures the growth of the hole.

All of the workpieces of pastry press cylinders, hydraulic piston liners, pipes, etc. can be made in honing, but the process takes longer than grinding because gas stones are weaker than normal grinding stones. According to the desired surface quality, head stones such as 400 sand, 600 sand are raised to enter more serious RA values. In some cases, a sandpaper head is attached to the honing head and RA values are reduced. The honing table pulls tapered easily because it runs on the rotating joint shaft of 360 degrees. In-hole materials, there is a need for honing due to scratching of the inner surface and consequently oil leakage and in-hole maintenance. If there is chrome in the hole, chrome is removed by chrome removal. If the scratches did not fade away after the chrome, the hole is enlarged slightly by honing. The enlarged hole is narrowed again with hard chrome plating and restored to its original size.

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Hydraulic Sleeves
Low Rough Holes
Felt Working Holes
Stainless Pipes
Hydraulic Pipes
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