Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Manufacturing

You can rely on our experience of 20 years in the manufacture, maintenance, overhaul of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pistons (rod shafts), change of seal gear and all other operations. The purpose of use of hydraulic cylinders is generally to give movement to a mechanism. Hydraulic piston is the name given to the mechanism that converts liquid (oil) energy into motion energy using the piston system. There are many intermediate elements and parts of the piston decks.

Some of these are joint rod, front cover, record, pipe, rod, piston, back cover, lug, dust seal, ring nut, and O-ring. Some of the terms here are not used in machine pistons, while some of them are used in the business machine industry extensively. These terms are referred to in the market as sealing and fasteners. In fact, we can think of the system as a syringe (injector) system. Oil is pumped from the outside hydraulic pressure boiler into the hydraulic cylinder. This rod pumped oil between the oil pressure inside the hydraulic cylinder and rod is sent and starts to grow with the system (the task of the seal occurs here), and thus the energy of motion is formed, and it will become a moving mechanism. Usually hydraulic sleeve (cylinder or pipe) is manufactured from ST52 material. This may vary according to the demands of some projects and companies. The wall thickness of the pipe is mathematically calculated according to the pressure of the piston to gain movement in the system and accordingly the rod shaft piston is manufactured. This is actually a detail that will show the power of the system. In the same way, the stroke length of the other mechanism that will give it mobility (working length) depends on the length of the hydraulic sleeve and the internal rot system here.

It can be manufactured from materials such as hydraulic piston, hydraulic rod shaft Ck45, and 4140 steel reclamation as well as it can be subjected to induction process before putting it into the grinding machine after turning in order to gain much more hardness on the surface. Again, the type of material to be used will be determined by the company as well as the price can be used in different types of materials in terms of performance. The internal part of the piston of the hydraulic pipe must be honed and the rod shaft must be stoned and chromed. The size of the piston is adjusted according to stroke and pressure demand. In the same way, the sealing elements should be selected according to the diameter of the piston here. Incorrect calculation of hydraulic cylinder and piston, some problems that may arise from the use of the piston rod can be corrected again through maintenance.

Capacity Max. 4000mm x 600mm x 10.000Kg
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Hydraulic Piston and Hydraulic Rod Shaft Maintenance

The pistons and the internal tie rods can damage the system due to dependencies such as unstable use, incorrect use and incorrect element selection. In such cases, the rod shaft piston or the piston may scratch the rod shaft. In some cases, dust leakage to the hydraulic pressure unit, burr leakage and consequently damage to the unit may result from not cleaning. Maintenance of hydraulic pistons is usually eliminated by honing machine. The piston is connected to the honing machine and honed until the scratches are removed (the hole is enlarged), and then it is restored to its original size with hard chrome plating. The main limiting factor in this maintenance process is how much the hydraulic piston is scratched. If the hydraulic piston is severely damaged, remanufacturing may be less than maintenance costs.

Hydraulic tie rod, piston rod maintenance process is lifted to the cylindrical grinding machine, sometimes it is tried to remove by polishing. This applies to the plunging and bending of the piston. We try to correct the errors caused by piston bending by connecting the shaft correction presses. Although this correction process is successful, it can be lifted to the cylindrical grinding machine which is a second process according to the customer's request. The spindle, which has lowered from the dimension in the grinding machine, is brought back to its original dimension by means of chrome plating process. There are some limiting factors at this points such as type of shaft used, distortion, deep scratches, and serious rust.

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