In-hole / Internal Grinding

Our internal grinding or hole grinding dimensions are 350mm length and 550mm height. Unfortunately, we cannot solve very small hole operations on our machine park. During the internal grinding process, chipping is removed from the inner parts of the part. According to the technical drawing of the part to be ground, different stones are used in the hole grinding machine. Some of them may be cylindrical, while others may be conical or similar special manufacturing stones. In the process, after the part to be ground is fixed to the machine mirror and the runouts are cleared, the height adjustment is made. The stone connected to the spindle moving back and forth is adjusted according to the inside of the hole. Material removal process is performed by bringing the grounder inside the piece closer to the inner surface. Material removal time varies according to the type of material. Usually 2379 materials are processed. Of course, in addition, materials such as manufacturing steel 4140 can be precisely dimensioned.

Total Number of Machines 1
Max Hole Grinding Length 350mm
Max Binding Diameter 550mm
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Internal Grinding Price Technical Drawing & Tolerance
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Internal Grinding Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Hole Grinding Length Binding Diameter
1 Wmw Internal Grinding Machine 350mm Ø550mm

Internal Hole Maintenance Process

Many inner-hole working parts can damage their inner surface due to usage. In these cases, the maintenance process can be applied into the hole. First, the hole is slightly enlarged through internal grinding (until the scratches are gone). After that, the hole is narrowed again with chrome plating technique. Since the chrome coating is not coated at sensitive tolerances, the part is again connected to the hole grinding machine and its runouts are cleared and ground according to the tolerance. There is a case to be considered at this point. This is that chrome plating cannot do an unlimited amount of plating. Due to these and similar reasons (such as chrome discharge, surface quality, pores etc.), it is necessary to first calculate how much the part will lose and then to have it maintained.

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