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With our Hartford 4-axis machining center, we are always with you with our experienced team in your processes such as mold, fixture, machine spare parts manufacturing. Our machining center is 1000. 1100 Table Z axis is 600mm. At the same time, we are able to carry out precision manufacturing with concentricity in 4-axis manufacturing processes with our simultaneous working divisor.

Total Number of Machines 1
Machine Size 1000mm
Z size 600mm
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Price It is given according to the technical drawing
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Our Processing Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Processing Length Processing Z-Length
1 Hartford Machining Center 1000mm 600mm

Deep Hole Drilling Process

Machining center; It is the name given to the machines that have the ability to precisely dimension a part in the desired geometries, (Two Axes, Three Axes, Four Axes), 2D or 3D shapes, drilling holes, pulling teeth. The non-universal (siensi (CNC)) types of these machines are called Universal Milling. The biggest feature that distinguishes universal milling and cnc machining centers from each other is that processes can be programmed automatically with electronic cnc control cards in cnc machining centers. In short, the milling machine and the machining center are the same machine, they do the same job and are separated from each other by the phrase cnc added to them.

Cnc machining center; It is divided into two as Cnc Vertical Machining Center and Cnc Horizontal Machining Center. Although the logic and working systems of the two machining centers are similar to each other, there are advantages and disadvantages between each other according to the operations to be performed on the workpiece to be connected. Before moving on to these advantages and disadvantages, let's learn the definitions of horizontal machining center and vertical machining center.

  • What is Vertical Cnc Machining Center? (Vertical Process)

    The spindle to which the cutting tool is connected and the machines in which the workpiece is positioned vertically are called vertical machining centers. Siensi (CNC) Vertical machining center cutting is done from top to bottom. In other words, the spindle to which the cutting tool is connected is positioned vertically to the workpiece. The table to which the Workpiece is attached does not have the ability to rotate. While the table moves in the X and Y axes, the cutting tool moves vertically in the Z axis.

  • What is Horizontal Cnc Machining Center? (Horizontal Transaction)

    The spindle to which the cutting tool is connected, and the machines in which the workpiece is positioned horizontally are called horizontal machining centers. In this type of machining center, the cutting tool processes the forehead of the workpiece to be machined, and the lower table to which the piece is attached rotates 360 degrees, allowing other edges to be processed. The cutting tool can move back and forth on the table as well as back and forth, and at the same time, its capability is slightly higher than the Vertical Machining center since it can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

There are more than one type of control unit for the control of electronic cnc cards in machining centers. Although all control units provide the same functionality, they differ from each other in terms of price, performance and features. In some control panels, you can take the zero of the work center yourself with the help of the probe and define the workpiece zero with mathematical formulas, while in some control panels, the work center zero can be calculated and adjusted automatically with the help of a few keys. Apart from these, there are standard cycles and loops that come within the control panels. While many operations can be done automatically with the help of touch panel in Mazatrol style control panels, these options are lower in Siemens or Mitsubishi brand panels. Considering these, there are serious price differences between them. Mazak, Dmg Mori, Hartford etc., which are among the most special cnc machine brands in the market. are brands. The control panel is usually fixed in Mazak, Dmg Mori Benches, and is optional in other machine brands. Siemens, Mitsubishi, heidenhain, Fanuc etc. control panels are very common in the market and there are serious differences between them.

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