Mold Polishing-Chromage & Maintenance - Mirror Polishing Process

We would like to help you as well with 4000mm length and up to 10,000 kg mold chromium plating and polishing. We want you to know that we have been working with our experienced craftsmen for more than 40 years and we have carried out the maintenance and manufacturing operations of many companies with care. (You can contact for references).

We are making many processes on Logan MCV lath pattern, Ford vehicles exhaust plates, jaw plates, chrome polishing processes of the head and extruder, corrugated plates, double-input adapters, star patterns, sharp patterns, spiral mold mirror polishing and chrome screws etc. While there are many purposes of the process of chromium plating of the molds, the largest area it serves is to prevent the material that is wanted to be pulled or printed from sticking to the mold. In addition, because of the smoothness of the surface is very good, it increases the quality of the manufactured material. At the same time, it ensures that the life of the mold is very long compared to the normal mold, and with its rust-preventing feature, mold chromium plating is one step ahead of other processes. Our company has a 4-meter horizontal and 4-meter vertical chrome plating bath. At the same time, 6 additional 10-ton cranes are available. Therefore, we can polish and chrome coating all kinds of molds up to 9-10 tons and fit in our bath in our facility.

Capacity Max. 4000mm x 1000mm x 10.000Kg
Price According to the condition of the mold
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Some molds

Extruder Molds
Jaw Molds
Coex Head Molds
Shrink Molds
Packaging and Packaging Molds
Balloon Molds
Star Molds
Pointed Molds
Double Input Adapter Molds
Extraction Molds
Exhaust Molds
Precision Casting Molds

We Recognize!

We are aware of the damage that stopping the line can do to you, such as the absence of a replacement for the existing pattern in a working enterprise. Therefore, if you want to see the current problems, to determine whether the problem is caused by mold, machine or operator, we do an on-site examination. We then provide information about the deadline, processes, existing problems or problems that may occur and, if understood, we ship the mold from your place. In order to prevent any damage to your product during shipping, we store and pack it with bubble pack in the first place, which help prevent the damage.

We Are With You Abroad !

Uzkar Makina family never leaves its customers alone upon a request from abroad, either through on-site inspection or by telephone and e-mail. We carry out regulations such as customs clearance and transportation in overseas transactions, and your order will be packaged and shipped to you on a predetermined date within the framework of the conditions determined between us.

In case of your visit to Turkey, we would kindly like to host you in our business with great pleasure.