Surface Grinding

We manufacture sheet slitting blades, slitting tires, slitting shims, separator blades, and rollers up to 480mm diameter and 270mm height at precise tolerances. Surface grinding is applied on horizontal surfaces as the name suggests. According to the technical drawings of the parts, tolerances are entered and delivered with high surface quality. Usually 2379 material types are ground. Sheet slitting blades and roll form line reels are again brought to precise tolerance in this lathe. The main difference of turntable surface grinding compared to surface grinding is that the machine is more special and used for special work. It is one of the rare machines where sheet slitting blades are produced.

The operating principle is almost the same as surface grinding, but in surface grinding the plate goes left and right while the head is fixed, in turntable surface grinding the plate rotates 360 degrees of its axis and performs the grinding process by going in and out of the bottom of the head. Therefore, it produces much more quality products than surface grinding as surface quality. All kinds of metal or rubber coating materials can be grinded according to your measurements with 0.004 sensitivity.

Total Number of Machines 1
Max Grinding Height 350mm
Max Grinding Diameter 500mm
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Surface Grinding Price According to Technical Drawing
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Slitting Knife Manufacturing with 0.003mm Precision

Surface Grinding Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Grinding Height Grinding Diameter
1 Rus Stanko Döner Tabla Grinding Machine 350mm Ø500mm

Sheet Slitting Lines, Blades, Reels

We take part in the manufacturing stages of all process machines such as openers, wrappers, straightening, sheet metal drawing, slicing, and forming. We are able to manufacture and revise many workpieces such as rolling winder shafts, roll form line rollers, sheet slitting blades and shims, and roll form machine shafts. We are aware that in the manufacture of sheet slitting blades, all the blades must be grinded with precision according to each other, and that every mistake of 0.001 - 0.002 makes a significant deviation at the end of the sheet slitting line, and we pay attention to our work accordingly (not only deviation but also breakage at the ends of the blade).

In general, we manufacture with materials such as Bohler - Uddeholm Sverkel 21 - 2379 - K340, but if there is a special material requested by the company, we can also manufacture by it. In sheet slitting blades, the material is first turned and the holes, thickness and diameter are brought to certain tolerances. The wedge is opened and then sent to the contracted companies for heat treatment. When the products come back to us, they are subjected to WARPAGE process and then they are ground at a permillage sensitivity with our rotary table surface grinding machine. The hole diameter is then adjusted to the tolerance by internal grinding. With the tolerance of the holes, the diameter is grinded by aligning the precision grinded mandrel.

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