Super Surface Polishing Roller Manufacture

We can perform super finish polishing, also known as mirror surface polishing process up to 600mm diameter and 4000mm length. The biggest feature that distinguishes us from other companies as Uzkar Makina is the completion of all operations within our business. Turning, grinding, super finish polishing, hard chrome plating of raw materials are provided by the machines in our facility through the machine park. We would like you to know that we will be more than happy to serve you with our staff specialized in their field. Super polishing or mirror surface polishing uses microns of abrasives and may take hours depending on the diameter of the roller. After the mirror surface polishing, it can be reduced below 0.1 Ra - Rz on the shaft or roller. The desired Ra value is determined according to the requirements of the company. With the super-finish roller polishing process, high and sharp hills in the order of microns are rasped over the manufactured workpiece. Contrary to scrubbing, the image or surface quality is not obtained by rasping high peaks. Therefore, Ra-Rz smoothness values are much lower in mirror surface polishing process. The material quality to be selected in the production of rollers and spindles is closely related to the whole working principle. Many factors such as flange, trunnion material, sequence of surface treatments, surface smoothness, and chromium thickness to be used should be considered in the manufacture of rollers.

Capacity Max. 4000mm x Ø600mm x 5.000Kg
Price According to Technical Drawing & Desi Account
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We can revise your damaged workpieces with Grinding and Chrome Plating and reduce your costs.

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Loser / Mirror Polishing Machine

They are generally known as mirror polishing machines. They work on the lathe machine. In fact, in the first grinding process, surface quality between 0.4 Ra and 0.8 Ra increase both the speed and quality of the mirror polishing process. When this is the case, costs are determined accordingly. Another factor affecting the price is the desired Ra value and the consumption of the abrasive to reach this Ra value. The abrasives used are completely imported and cost real money. The mirror surface process is achieved by rubbing the sandpaper, which is on this machine moving on the lathe and usually moving pneumatically to the right and left, into the material with a certain speed and progress rate.

We Are With You Abroad !

Uzkar Makina family never leaves its customers alone upon a request from abroad, either through on-site inspection or by telephone and e-mail. We carry out regulations such as customs clearance and transportation in overseas transactions, and your order will be packaged and shipped to you on a predetermined date within the framework of the conditions determined between us.

In case of your visit to Turkey, we would kindly like to host you in our business with great pleasure.