Turning Manufacturing

Turning and manufacturing processes of cylindrical workpieces up to 4000mm length and 710mm diameter are delivered according to the technical drawing with our experienced craftsmen who have been experienced over 30 years. You can get a price quote either material from us or from you. We manufacture hydraulic piston, shaft, sleeve, paint piston, shaft, roller, printing roller, spool shafts, sheet metal slitting blades and many parts. As Uzkar Makina in manufacturing operations, we are able to finish all operations within our own facilities. If there is grinding in the workpiece we manufacture, if there is chrome plating after grinding, or if there is chrome plating or internal grinding, depending on honing and honing in-hole turning operations, etc. we finish all applications within our own business. Therefore, the prices we provide may be more appropriate than the market prices.

Total Number of Machines 3
Max Turning Length 4000mm
Max Turning Diameter 710mm
Location We Serve All Domestic and Foreign Places, Please Contact US
Turning / Manufactoring Price Shaft, Rolls deci calculation in parts
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Turning Capacity

Sequence Machine Name Turning Length Turning Diameter
1 Gurutzpe Cnc Torna Turning Machine 3500mm Ø650mm
2 Tos Sn71 Turning Machine 4000mm Ø710mm
3 K.Martin Turning Machine 4000mm Ø600mm

History of Turning

The word lathe is an Italian word and dates back to the 18th century. In fact, it is the name of the first approach that comes to mind when the word machining is heard. In the 18th century, it gained its original meaning by forming not metals but logs and timber fragments. In these years, the metal forming process was done entirely by hand skill and annealing. In the early years, while the logs were processed in the mechanism which was turned by the help of a mechanical arm, the development of the technology made the mechanisms much stronger and improved with steam machines and electricity generation. With these technological developments, only different machines carrying names such as planer and milling became developed. These developments gained momentum in the 19th century and metal processing began with the movement of the cathartic with a screw shaft on a sled. Much more functional machines were produced with gear and pulley systems. The turning process has developed itself continuously over the years and has taken precedence in the manufacture of much larger machines due to their much larger diameters. In the first years, the chip removal process started only with straight shaft machining and today it is done automatically with CNC lathes.

Some Manufacture Items

Shaft Manufacturing
Roller Manufacturing and maintenance
Paint Plunger Manufacturing and maintenance
Hydraulic piston manufacturing and maintenance
Hydraulic sleeve manufacturing and maintenance
Roll form reel manufacturing
Press paste tubes maintenance and manufacturing
Sheet metal slitting blades manufacturing
Slitting tires
Slitting Rolls
Sheet metal drawing rubber manufacturing
Bushing Manufacturing
Thickness of special gears
Shaft Manufacturing & Revision
Reel Shaft Manufacturing & Revision


Machining is the name given to the breaking of parts on a specific volume of the material to be manufactured and thus to be shaped. It is obvious that the first machine that comes to mind is the lathe. However, machines such as planers, shapers, and milling machines are also used in the widespread branches of machining.

We Are With You Abroad !

Uzkar Makina family never leaves its customers alone upon a request from abroad, either through on-site inspection or by telephone and e-mail. We carry out regulations such as customs clearance and transportation in overseas transactions, and your order will be packaged and shipped to you on a predetermined date within the framework of the conditions determined between us.

In case of your visit to Turkey, we would kindly like to host you in our business with great pleasure.