Roller Grinding Prices

Cylindrical grinding process varies according to the size and type of the workpiece. The price offer is given by making calculations based on dm². Cylindrical grinding process up to 4200 mm x 480 mm diameter can be performed. For more details, please visit our “Services” page.

The square decimeter (dm²) formula is calculated as follows:

{Length of Grinded Area x Diameter of Grinded Area x 3.14 } x {Company Coefficient}

How is Company Coefficient Calculated?

Company coefficient is calculated the same according to our firm principles, but many factors such as the type of workpiece (hard mines, soft mines, hollow material, filled material etc.), payment type, duration of deadline, and being a marketable work in demand can change this coefficient. In order to get a price quote, you can send us the technical drawing of the cylinder, roller or any other workpiece that you need to be grinded by using one of the communication channels in the contact page. If you do not have a technical drawing of the workpiece, please inform us of the required dimensions by e-mail.