Hot Dip Galvanized

Galvanize is the name given to the process of coating workpieces with zinc after being deformed by use, oxidation, chemical or physical effects. That is the answer to the question of what is galvanizing. Depending on this, the galvanizing process can be done in more than one different way. The first is the hot-dip process, as the title suggests. The short name of the hot-dip galvanizing process, the name used in the sector is HDG. In this process, the workpiece, i.e. the metal to be coated, is dipped into the zinc melt of 470-480 degrees Celsius and the metal coating process is performed. The other process is known as Electro galvanization in our own facility. In this process, the workpiece is left in the liquid filled boiler with a certain amount of zinc, and electric current (anode-cathode) is given. The name used in the industry is hard chrome plating.

Galder Association was established in order to spread the galvanizing sector and increase its awareness. We would like to brief you about this association and the conference that it organized the first one

General Galvanizers Association (GALDER) is an association that has managed to gather all hot-dip galvanizer companies in Turkey under one roof. The president of the association is M. Cihan Yildirim. The association held its first conference on 11.04.2014 at Crown Plaza Asia, Istanbul hotel by gathering visitors from all over the world. This meeting brought together engineers, academics and industry professionals working in this sector.

Galder Association President M. Cihan Yıldırım links the biggest reason why the galvanized coating sector (hard chrome plating, decorative chrome plating, plastic plating etc.) has not become so widespread to the fact that its awareness is low. Therefore, instead of growing as a single company, Cihan Yildirim founded the GALDER Association and gathered 37 companies under one membership. The fact that 23 of these 37 companies are galvanizing companies once again reveals the success of the association. The president of the association, who wanted this sector to become widespread, was able to take the first step with his first conference. In the continuation of the conference, he stated that the hot-dip galvanization (HDG) sector would further develop in the future.

Hot dip galvanized prices vary according to companies. Hot-dip galvanized companies are usually located in İkitelli, Istanbul, Çorlu, Kocaeli, Gebze, and Izmit regions. As Uzkar Makina, you will be able to receive a price quote from our services department when we set up the hot-dip galvanizing facility that we have among our plans in the coming months.

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